Thinking of supporting NOWU?

Think twice. Here’s what could be at risk if you do:

Your Pay

Only SEIU Healthcare workers at MGH are eligible for the 1.65% wage increase that kicks in January 1, 2021. A move to NOWU is like giving yourself a pay cut – it means less money in your pocket starting this January.

Your Collective
Bargaining Power

NOWU has no presence, no clout and no power to push government and employers to make changes that benefit you. A move to NOWU means you will be in a weaker position heading into the next round of collective bargaining.

Your Pension

NOWU does not have a seat at the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan’s (HOOPP) trustee board table. SEIU Healthcare does. A move to NOWU means your union isn’t even in the room when important decisions about your pension are being made.

How much will joining NOWU cost you?

SEIU Healthcare bargained hard to win a 1.65% wage increase in the fourth year of your contract, which will kick in soon.

But you will not get ANY wage increase if you move to NOWU.

Calculate how much you’ll lose if you join NOWU.