NOWU is taking advantage of a global pandemic to raid other unions.

We all know the pandemic is having a major impact on SEIU Healthcare workers. From tougher work conditions to fears of infection, workers like you have more than enough on your plate right now.

NOWU is taking advantage of the situation by trying to raid SEIU Healthcare. It’s a sneaky attempt to undermine your union.


Here’s how their raiding process works:

1) A NOWU representative will ask you to sign an application for membership. Sadly, NOWU reps have a reputation for tricking some members into signing these cards. Just like a telemarketer pressuring you over the phone, we’ve heard stories of SEIU Healthcare workers not knowing what they were being asked to sign or even who they were speaking with.

If you’ve signed a card and want it revoked, talk to your SEIU Healthcare rep or contact your Member Service Centre at 1-877-672-7348 or

2) If NOWU receives signed cards from 40% or more of a bargaining unit’s members, they can go to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to apply for “certification.”

3) Upon receiving NOWU’s application, the OLRB would organize a vote for members in the affected bargaining unit(s). This vote is managed by the OLRB and is typically held seven calendar days after receiving an application for certification. This vote will likely be online and/or over the phone

4) On Vote Day, all members in the bargaining unit vote for which union they’d like to represent them. It is a secret ballot one-member, one-vote process, much like a regular election you might vote in.

5) If over 50% of the voting members vote YES for SEIU Healthcare, your hard-earned pay, benefits and protections are safe and you continue to be part of Canada’s healthcare union ahead of the upcoming collective bargaining process. Your union will continue to listen to you and find new ways to serve you better.

If over 50% of the voting members choose to leave, the entire bargaining unit(s) is placed under NOWU’s control. In this situation, NOWU would be responsible for your pay, benefits and pension and workers would no longer be part of SEIU Healthcare. Instead, you would be taking a risk with a universally disliked, disrespected and dysfunctional union with a shady history of selling out its own members. NOWU would also take over all outstanding grievances and future arbitration dates, with no guarantee that they will pursue or continue with them.

IMPORTANT: It can be very difficult for members to switch unions again once a vote is finalized. For example, current NOWU members at Mount Sinai had buyer’s remorse after first voting to join NOWU. Now, after only one CBA with NOWU, they’re already fighting to leave. Be very careful if you’re considering NOWU.

Don’t make the same mistake as Mount Sinai workers.

Make your voice count by saying NO to NOWU.

How to Stop NOWU

Share the link to with five of your colleagues

Talk to one colleague each shift about why NOWU is a bad and risky choice for healthcare workers

Vote SEIU Healthcare On Voting Day

Talk to an SEIU Healthcare representative or organizer by providing your contact information below

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